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September 6, 2012
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A New Vision by Aikurisu A New Vision by Aikurisu
“They say that long ago when Melandru gifted man with the seed of life, she watched all her children-- their children grow and beget families of their own, watching and smiling. Smiling and watching was she, some say, when she saw the first of the Oakheart line shun the outside world. They wanted no part in killing those they considered their brothers and sisters who worshipped the same gods yet could not abandon old grudges, broken promises and crimes of the flesh and mind no one should ever endure. It pains me to think that little has changed since my brother and I were brought into this world, and while Kyreth is keen to follow in the footsteps of a legend he believes he must become, a hero from Ascalon's darkest days, part of me hopes he never will. I need him as much as he needs me, even if the elements are mine to command, for family will always be more important to me. May the Six know this as I plan on never letting him find a path I cannot follow.”
-- Ayla

lol, another character I created for GW2. Kyreth’s younger sister, Aylaina, has been a blast, (literally!), and while I have been having much more fun playing as my guardian, Kyniren, the elementalist profession is perhaps one of the most versatile and fun to get used to. Plus Ayla is pretty hot, so it doesn’t hurt to play as a female character once in a while when I have no interest in RP and just want something nice to look at, heh. Also, this screenshot was taken in the Central Plaza Upper City area of Divinity’s Reach. Enjoy! (And kudos to anyone who catches a subtle hint to Ayla's nature...)

Aylaina Oakheart, Lore, Etc - © Kristopher P. Love // Guild Wars - © ArenaNet
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Haha so I started going through your gallery and the thumbnail of this and the following picture felt so so familiar ... I immediately recognized this was GW2 ... the character pose the details, spot on :)
Well, technically it is a screenshot with just a little atmosphere tweaking in photoshop, so... =)
Also, well done!
lol, any real credit should be given to GW2, though. It is indeed a beautiful game. =)
I'd like to visit this place, it's quite beautiful.
rtil Sep 9, 2012  Professional General Artist
game looks pretty. can't conviince myself to get sucked into another mmorpg though.
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