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Blade of the Pale Tree by Aikurisu Blade of the Pale Tree by Aikurisu
"While I cannot watch over you when you are among the serpents of these lands, know the white trees offer you their aid, my love. They will keep the shadows far from your flesh when you so need but wield their gift to you."
-- Evaryr

While unremarkable in its design, this dagger was crafted by Evaryr when he made his first pilgrimage to the Pale Forest and paid his respects to the elder white daughter of The Three Sisters, Eluneysa. Forged with moonsilver, the blade portion is incredibly durable and still retains some of its metal's magical properties, allowing the wielder to ward off elements of Sin's corruption, though not always. The grip itself was crafted from the branch of a Pale Tree with the supervision of a Pale Lady; guardians of the Pale Forest and follower of The Three's divine teachings. However, the blade was not in Evaryr's possession for long when he returned back among his people and presented it as a gift to his then secret love and confident, Kalysia, who at the time was the favoured consort of Phoenix King Meiliketh's heir, Prince Imrek.

According to the tales spun around their forbidden romance, Kalysia kept this blade among her more cherished possessions, making sure Evaryr's words sung true to her even when she was committed to unwanted acts of the mind and flesh. It was much for her sake as it was for Evaryr's when she began to sleep with it in her bed, even with Imrek's presence close by. It would be the same blade she would threaten her life with shortly before Meiliketh gave the order that lead to the Massacre of Yavirys, hoping Imrek could reason with his father and deal with his unspeakable breed of madness.

Sadly, Imrek only ended up carrying out his father's will to silence Kalysia. After her narrow escape from the capital with Evaryr's aid, Imrek, out of spite, had much of Kalysia's belongings sent to his father's council for study and eventual destruction, including the banishing of her personal entourage. One of her servants, though, despite being publicly shamed and raped by members of Imrek's guard, managed to hide the blade her mistress owned and helped uncover it years later in the rubble of the capital after it was sacked by soldiers of the Daeyar Empire and consequently burnt to the ground when the Dragonqueen took on her true form and allowed her sons and daughters to feast upon the survivors.

Although it was a dark chapter for the Ailyrenai Kingdom, Kalysia eventually reunited with the blade her then husband crafted for her, cherishing it till the end of her days.

Alright, I guess I'll admit this is kind of a tease for what's to come. Anyone in the mood for some more Evaryr and Kalysia? =P

Artwork // Kalysia // Evaryr // Nelri // - Kristopher P. Love
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Berserker-Loco Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Need more axes
Aikurisu Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2013
I'm sure there are a few axes forged from those trees, too.  The nelri aren't hippies after all, but they do believe in a sustained environment. =P
tigerfeiry Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2013
Love it love it love it! I want one myself!
Aikurisu Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2013
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