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March 30, 2012
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Fearless by Aikurisu Fearless by Aikurisu
"I was afraid this would happen. Did I not warn you that she would seek out what we have learnt to forget?"

"You did."

"Then why did you help her? Why did you allow our child to learn of what haunted us for untold years?"

"She asked. I told. Ilyn, please. You need to calm yourself. Myar wanted this, and I for one honour this decision she has made."

"Her 'decision'? Isha's mercy... for once do I wish a mate who is not so bluntly honest about everything."


"You could have lied to her! Anything to stop her from abandoning this world... abandoning us..."

"She would have found out what exists beyond our world, even without my wisdom. This... I feel you know better than anyone."

"Which is why I not once approved of you or your sister corrupting her mind with such tales of foolish bravery."

"Foolish, sometimes, yes. You forget she is my daughter as well, though."

"I know... Kaeth. I know. Yet why do I grieve as though I have lost her already?"

"Well, did you not say that for all the visions you had of her future, none had no end?"

"That was because I was afraid... always waking before I saw what could become of her."

"Then it is settled. You truly do not know the fate of our daughter because of this."

"Then what do you believe? What is your answer to a grieving mother's heart?"

"She will return to us. Trust me. For fearless is our Myar, and never one to seek defeat."

-- Ilyndrae & Kaethyr

According to an Inquisitor of the radical Xeno Hybris, a distant world under the influence of the Imperium's thumb begot signs of Chaotic corruption that went unheard of for years till a concerned official of the planet's authority looked for an outsider's support. This outsider, however, initially was not drawn to the official's unsubstantiated plight till a xenos relic was reluctantly promised in the bargain. The official provided knowledge of it being locked away in a council vault from the interests of the Imperium beyond, ever since its discovery on the planet shortly after colonisation efforts began.

And so it was that a young Inquisitor Varius began his investigation of the world, settling on the planet for a year till he finally made some progress when he confirmed that a Slaanesh pleasure cult had taken root within a humanist organisation at the planet's capital. It was in the highest circle of public life that he found where the corruption was, fortunately still only content to fester among 'social dignitaries'. The one who sent for Varius in secret was right to follow his suspicions, but by then Varius had out-lived his welcome. To the Inquisitor's chagrin he had become a newly elected sacrifice for Slaanesh in a secret temple for its deluded followers. Yet what none of them realised at this point in time was that there was someone else seeking the same ends Varius was looking for.

They were unaware that a lone Eldar female had been secretly among them and took pity on Varius, freeing him from his sacrificial fate before disappearing without a trace. It was only a day later that the Slaanesh cult began to fall apart from within, ravaged and without direction. Not knowing what all went wrong for them left Varius confused at first till a trail of connected transgressions lead him to the lifeless husk of a greater daemon. Without it's depraved guidance the cult fell apart, Varius determined, and was convinced that its slayer was the mysterious Eldar female who saved him earlier. He doubted anyone else was responsible for it and so set about turning the capital inside out, rounding up the last of the confused cultists and having them all judged for heresy. Justice was done.

Varius was successful in his mission in the end, but to his latter chagrin the prize he initially sought to acquire when all was said and done was lost; stolen from its security chamber sometime during the disorder he evoked when he had the capital subjected to martial law. He only imagined the thief responsible was very clever in using him to pull the capital's security forces' responsibilities away from guarding the council vaults, yet knew despite clear vexation that it was a fair deal despite any objections he had. No one was going to question his role in saving a planet from further corruption, and without his prize there was little chance anyone more pious among the Inquisition were going to doubt his selflessness for getting involved in the first place. And as for the Eldar female...

Myar. He would remember her name and knew their paths would cross again... someday.


So yeah... here we have one last Myar art for the month, facing off against a greater daemon of Slaanesh. She won, btw, in case nobody bothered to read the lore above. =P

Artwork & Characters - Kristopher P. Love // Eldar - Warhammer 40,000
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Moohoodles Sep 3, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Amazing. Love the colours :)
love it, great work.
awesome and beautiful. something between dream and nightmare. very, very impressive.
Really beautiful! Radiates of bravery and misbelief all the same!
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