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August 14, 2012
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Kyreth's Bow by Aikurisu Kyreth's Bow by Aikurisu
ďA good hunter always crafts his own bow. Not because it teaches him a vital necessity for living off the land, but because the bow should be unique to each wielder's body, soul and mind, lest weíre forced to take the arms of those before us.Ē
-- Kiefer Oakheart

In true Oakheart tradition, those who sought to become men among them had to undergo several rites of adulthood before they could marry, begin families, and hunt for themselves without the guidance of their fathers or closest kin. Among these rites, before they could partake in what was known as the Ďblood huntí, adolescents were told to craft their own bows, as a sign of independence and hunting skill. Yet because Kyreth himself was born into Ascalonís nobility with his motherís parentage, the rites of adulthood his father undertook in his youth need not have applied to his children. Kiefer was a man who respected the traditions of his ancestors, though, and with it taught his only son everything he knew about his ways of the hunt and how to live off the land, among other things.

In the case of Kyrethís bow, however, Kyreth as a young boy was enamoured with the design of a bow he saw carried by a traveller who was passing through Ascalon on some kind of trade errand. The bow was shaped after what would become known as a Half Moon Shortbow, which was considered somewhat exotic in Kyrethís youth before its design was fancied by crafters around the world. Nevertheless, when Kyreth was tasked by his father to craft his own bow before he could become a man, Kyreth leaned back on his memory of the travellerís bow when he set about designing what would never leave his side for decades. To some it is the rangerís closest companion for the sentimental value it holds to him, which is helped in part with his chosen grip, being the remains of a garb his dear sister wore when she was a servant of Dwayna; the very same she would come to lose her life in, before The Searing. Before Kyreth's innocence was lost to the tides of her terrible fate...


Of course, there is another reason I chose to model something off the Half Moon Bow... for I wanted to draw something that can be seen in the game, and it's been Kyreth's chosen bow for years. =P

Wow, and has it really been like two years since Iíve drawn a bow illustration? Seriously, I need to get out and draw more. x_x

Artwork / Kyreth Oakheart - © Kristopher P. Love // Guild Wars - © ArenaNet
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Love the shortbow, it looks great! :D
Thanks Bella. =D
Senatime Aug 14, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
I always wanted to learn the bow. This is great, love the symmetry, an actual bow like this would be to amazing, would take some serious craftsmanship.
lol, what I would give to see this crafted in real life, too. I know I'd have it hung up on my wall for inspiration. =)

...or have it for use. Heh, I've always been fond of archery, but for some reason I've never taken the time to learn it.
BelRhaza4017 Aug 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
incredible work on this bow, my friend
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