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September 29, 2012
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Moegi - Portrait by Aikurisu Moegi - Portrait by Aikurisu
When I was playing SoA over a decade ago, it would be fair to say that I was infatuated with Moegi. And why not? She was a graceful lady, a princess of Yafutoma, Prince Enrique's love interest and because of her he had some pretty memorable moments that made him worthy of being a king when all was said and done. They were my favourite RPG couple back in those days and... well, yeah. XD

Originally I intended to draw Moegi in similar vein to how I drew Bellena and Merida, but Moegi is far too pure to be drawn sexy like that, right? Also, I realised that I was going to run out of 'Jewels of X' pretty fast. I mean, who would I have drawn to represent the Purple and Yellow moons? Enrique's mother for the latter? >_>;; Sure, Fina would make sense for the Silver moon, but as for others? *shrugs*

I think I may know a way around this, though, but early days. For now, enjoy. =)

Artwork - Kristopher P. Love // Moegi - Skies of Arcadia // SEGA/OVERWORKS
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Oh wow, beautiful portrait! :clap: Heh, Moegi was such a soft character in the game. :) Your art reflects her personality perfectly. :D
DameOdessa Oct 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Superb! Fantastic portrait and amazing expression!
Thanks! I learnt a great deal about this one, too. Hopefully it'll reflect in future works. =)
Gabbi Oct 1, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
I always liked Moegi. Most of all I think I liked her clothes, because they were so fluffy and big! XD
But yeah, this is a very beautiful portait! Makes me feel very nostalgic. :heart:

... though you gave me very horrible mental images of Empress Teodora trying to be sexy... >.<
I guess you can always draw Osman? XD Hahaha!
Ahhh! Thou shall not speak of Osman where children or anyone with a weak constitution may be present! XD

(I think what really scared me about 'it' though was how we never actually knew if it was a man or woman, thanks to the Jap/Eng version differences... creepy...)

That said, I think there might be an interesting case for Teodora. We all know her as the horrible, mean aged tyrant, but there's good reason to suggest that she was pretty sexy and benevolent before she inherited her husband's problems with the crown and took a hard-hearted stance towards life and lost herself to political intrigue, the corruption surrounding the nobles and how many innocent lives had to suffer for Valua to reclaim prominence after what was felt a stalemate against Nasrad in an earlier war. There's also the fact that Enrique was a handsome man and that he was incredibly sheltered. One would think Teodora made this intentional so he did not have to see the ugly side of her rule and would provide Valua the new benevolent face it deserved once he inherited a strong empire, unlike his mother who had to put aside much of her humanity to see it so...

Sorry, I think I might have been going crazy with details there. ^^;

In the end, Enrique inherited craters anyway, but at least he had a beautiful wife by his side. =D Glad you like!
Gabbi Nov 2, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Haha! XD True that!

I think the english version mentioned Osman as a "she" once, but knowing how japanese games can be, I bet Osman might be male in the original version ;P
Interesting theory! You make me want to see a young Teodora now! <3

I'm sure Enrique will make Valua prosper again. With love and kindness!
I was thinking they were more like 'Jewels of...' the cities they were in, rather than the moons. As for a jewel of Valua, you could always do Belleza in her admiral's guise rather than as Bellena.

Very nice portrait of Moegi!
Thank you. =)

And you're right about the 'Jewels of...' thought. Still, I always wanted to draw someone related to every moon crystal I drew, hence why I went with Bellena and Merida as that covered the red and moon ones. As for the blue one, I almost went with Kirala, but since Moegi is a princess to Yafutoma, it made more sense to draw her for the time being...

As for yellow, I could always draw a young version of Teodora. They say she was pretty hot before she went mad with power. =P
red and *green* moon ones. How did I miss that... o_O
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