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May 18, 2011
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Seri by Aikurisu Seri by Aikurisu
“I belong to no one, yet you... you I will breathe for, now. It is something I must do, whether you will it or not.”

“You expect me to forget all you have done? Creator’s Breath, Seri, don’t ask of this from me. Not now.”

“No... I won’t. I promise. All I ask is that you guide me, so that the shadows do not blind my way.”

-- Seri and Klaus

There are few women in the world who have shaped the stone of the forthright more than the cursed Zerranish beauty, Seri. His second love, she first met Klaus as a gaunt young man who knew not where his life was at, destined for nothing after his first love, Catelyn, ran from his side when The Hand threatened both their lives and his family because of her powerful ancestry. To this end Seri came to know Klaus when he was physically and mentally at his weakest, yet it was in part thanks to her that he recovered from such and became the man the world at large would come to honour and respect as a great hero.

As it was, Seri was among the few who saw Klaus’ transformation from a weak, timid innocent, to a man who would challenge the shadows of mankind. For this she grew physically attached to the young lord when his training under the tutelage of a retired shadowsbane shaped him into that of a warrior fit for the lusts of women. Seri, for lack of better words, took advantage of it and, with Catelyn's disappearance, she quickly enticed affection from him and found herself sharing his bed in a secret affair. Lust dominated her mind as she performed many arts of seduction on him and, much to his unknowing, did so merely to train herself in them with a willing partner. To Klaus, he thought he had found a new bride to share the rest of his life with, but it was far from reality when it came to Seri’s own self-interested aspirations.

Seri revelled in the attention Klaus gave her and returned it in kind, simply to nourish his warmth. Yet it was not long before she realised to her chagrin that the man she had used for months as an object of learning under the sheets was becoming something more, earning certain feelings from her uncertain heart that were destined to destroy the femme fatale she had long trained herself to be for many years. Without a doubt, had things been different, Seri may have known Klaus as her only lover and remained faithful to him till they were old and grey, counting their blessings and the love of many children.

Fear took that from her. As their relationship grew, Seri knew long before that Klaus had already married her in his mind. Such intentions were felt when they first made love, and as time passed she grew wary of not only Klaus’ growing attachment to her, but her own heart yearning it. Guilt began to torment her mind as their bond helped uncover a side of herself she had long tried to hide, for sake of her vengeful ambitions. Knowing the latter could not exist with Klaus by her side worried her, as did her resolve to hunt down those responsible for her parent’s deaths. Few days passed without doubt for it.

Sadly, their bond was not enough to curb her from it. Seri eventually made the reluctant decision to abandon the only man she came to love sincerely, unintentionally giving birth to his distrust of women in its bitter place. At odds with her emotions, she took little pleasure in the newfound freedom it brought, yet within days of their seperation, she betrayed her love to a mere stranger, in the sinful den of a brothel, to distance herself from the life her broken heart truly wanted. Regardless of it, though, she soon remembered the power she held over those she would use to seek out the justice she had longed for ever since she was orphaned as a little girl, at the treachrous hands of House Salvadeln. It was that day she learned to close her heart from the world again, belittling her worth for the sake of a tragic promise.

Before long Seri was using her arts of seduction to ensnare information from those too blind to realise her intentions before it was too late. Those who knew her intimately became her victims as little mercy was given to adulterers and fools. All along the riverbanks of the Tear, her passion became known in the cups of drunken men, and she had no shortage of names that lent an unbridled air of mystery that helped her in seducing those she longed to seek intimacy with, all till her cup of vengeance was full, when House Salvadeln fell. Yet after it Seri found herself without direction in life. As Klaus once warned her, her revenge against her parent’s murderers gave her soul little peace when justice was finally done. Without revenge, she was nothing. Emptiness found her and, much to her regret, the man she once longed to be complete with was destined to marry a princess of pure body and worth; the only daughter of the legendary hero, Rainier the Reborn, and his beautiful wife, Allura. Klaus was no longer Seri's to seduce.

It did not stop her from seeking direction from him. After a long journey of unfulfillment, Seri returned home for a reason to live and found it as a skilled spy to House Lysenia, under Klaus’ reluctant guidance. Nevertheless, such a bond did not last long, yet for the time she was his to guide, Seri found herself a place in the world the stone of the forthright could only give. A place worth fighting for.


Well, here’s a proper illustration of the stalking woman from: =)

Seri is just one of those characters I never really bothered to flesh out in the past, but I’m making up for that this month. My next art submission here will hopefully be a face portrait of her too!

On a side note, I made a slight update after I realised I forgot about making the main hair layer visable when I submitted this earlier. Not that it changes much, but still... >_>;;

Artwork // Seri, Klaus, Lore, Etc - © Kristopher P. Love
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Alex13alejandro Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013
what is this from?
Aikurisu Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013
A character from my own original universe.  Haven't created much for it in the past year, though.
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ExileFallen Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Very Good!
Aikurisu Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2011
Thanks. =)
xSungodx Featured By Owner May 22, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
This reminds me of a culpture at the MET in NYC. The title is in french, but the translation is "Woman susceptible to cold"
Aikurisu Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2011
Heh, fair enough. It's defintiely something I wouldn't mind seeing. =)
xSungodx Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
I found a picture of it. [link]

They are pretty similar. I don't mean to take anything away form your picture, though. So, I hope you don't take it that way. Both are awesome. Nice job, I love following your work!
Aikurisu Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2011
Huh, I'm actually pretty thrilled that one my works could be compared to something that was designed back in the late 18th century; something I had no idea existed till now. It was interesting to find out! Thank you. =D
aLzRitH Featured By Owner May 21, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Awh... the story.. I like it... :hug:
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