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Symbol of the Ishayr by Aikurisu Symbol of the Ishayr by Aikurisu
"You dream to understand us, but where my prophecy has guided my people, your thoughts cannot follow. Believe we are lost, for we see you as such."

"Ilyn... you speak as if they are already dead. Remember, these are our siblings, too, no matter which Craftworld or faraway star they have come from."

"And would you say the same for those who craft their destinies with the lusts of our ancestors long ago? Would you give our darker kin the same courtesy?"

"If they were willing to abandon their hedonistic paths to save their souls, I would."

"Sometimes such optimism for those who are lost can truly be pointless to share, Kaeth."

"It is better than denying them outright that of which we are selfish to keep hidden, seeress."

"I disagree. What we keep hidden is fragile, and the Yah'yr would slay us all if we were to shatter it."

"So you say. But it was also the Yah'yr who said to keep our eyes open and save those who could be saved."

"... I sometimes wonder if Isha had us bound as mates merely because she felt I needed your wisdom at times like this."

"As I've needed yours, my love. Never forget... without you, my path would have ended long ago. As would have Ishayr's."

-- Ilyndrae & Kaethyr

The Ishayr Craftworld, as some might call it, is a myth. A legend. There are few known tomes that can give evidence to its existence and, even to the Eldar of other Craftworlds, they understand very little of their kin that disappeared from their awareness centuries ago, only to re-emerge like wisps watching them from the shadows. Yet as it has been seen, the Ishayrians are as mortal as anyone else and their sightings on several worlds across the galaxy are now even being recorded by the Imperium of Man. So to say that the Ishayrians do not exist could arguably be an ignorant fallacy...

The idea that the Ishayr Craftworld was destroyed by some unknown enemy long ago continues to be believed by the Eldar of other Craftworlds, although this does not encourage them to believe that its people died with it. In truth, the lost Craftworld rests peacefully on an unknown planet, so far estranged from the rest of the galaxy that no one knows where it is, and are unlikely to ever find it in their lifetimes. Why, then, that there are modern sightings of Eldar who belong to it is a question simply answered with the message that they merely do so with other space-faring vessels. No outsider has ever seen these constructs, yet according to one Eldar seeress of Ulthwé origin, they are alien in the eyes of normal Eldar and use a method of travel not known to them or their inferiors.

One thing is for certain, however. The Ishayrians live, and they know not the fears of their other brethren.

How they came to such a fate, little is known. According to one tome, the Ishayr Craftworld was conceived long before The Fall, built in an age when galactic trade was at its most prosperous and the creation of Craftworlds were initially for hundreds of Eldar families who looked to them for favourable housing on long voyages when the domestic luxuries of their native planets were well beyond their reach and irrational to travel between.

This was no different for the Ishayr. Its creation took place on one of three moons orbiting their homeworld, once known as a favourable retreat destination that limited industrial growth only to its moons to allow the resistance of herding its populace into larger communities. Predominantly, their homeworld was an agriculture planet, which established the need for a Craftworld to transport its produce safely in mass to faraway worlds in need. Because of this, the Craftworld was known for its rural-esque nature within. The Ishayrian's strong sense of devotion and respect to Isha, the Eldar Goddess of healing, fertility and the harvest also helped shape the nature of their Craftworld's design. The vessel was never intended for war, and as such it was escorted by a small fleet of armed vessels to its many destinations across the stars, starving ruin from the Craftworld in those times.

A time came, however, when trade was no longer the concern of the Craftworld's leader, Farseer Arannen. Favoured among his people and a prince to his homeworld, Arannen received dark visions that foretold The Fall of the Eldar, as his Craftworld was returning to their planet after a centuries long journey. His wife, Maiayne, was well with his first child by the time they returned home and was disbelieved by her husband's sudden change of character. Wealth, as she had favoured it, was no longer a concern of his as he began a pilgrimage across his homeworld and saw firsthand that the places he once loved as a child were secretly becoming lost in matters of decadence. The capital of his world, Ilsehra, was wrought with the interests of pleasure cults that extended to the heart of his own family. His father, once wise and a traditionalist, longed for intimacies brought to him from the Eldar of other worlds. His mother and siblings, too, were caught up in their corruptible nature, save for one of his younger brothers, an Autarch, who always travelled with him as commander of their fleet.

And so it was that Arannen and Eironah began the desperate undertaking of rescuing those of their homeworld who believed the words of their princes and saw their Craftworld as their only hope of avoiding the ruination of their families. They rejected the sins of those who saw them as worrying fools and, by the time the Craftworld had left the embrace of its homeworld for the very last time, Arannen lamented over those who would not join them, knowing they were already lost and were destined for a fate he feared even they could not escape from.

By then Maiayne had given birth to his firstborn, a daughter. Her name was Ilyndrae.

When The Fall arrived, their Craftworld fortunately survived the birth of the Great Enemy and was well beyond the clutching forces surrounding the Eye of Terror. Arannen's foresight saved them, although he himself was not able to survive a prophecy he divined, believing it a lie for what it entailed. Such was when Maiayne, long known for her peerless beauty and passion for many things her husband abstained from, was deceived by whispers in her mind she thought were from Isha's own lips. She followed them, believing she was chosen to hear the voice of their enslaved goddess others could not hear, believing she could help her beloved husband to communicate with their surviving deity and know better the path their Craftworld was destined to take with her wisdom.

Sadly, Maiayne acted alone in seeking it where she heard the whispers in her mind with the greatest clarity. They eventually lead her to being possessed by a awaiting daemon of Slaanesh, and it was not long before her body was used to lure Arannen into a false sense of security for his own wellbeing. Such was the day when Arannen, neglectful of a single prophecy, was murdered by his possessed wife as she stole his seed into her.

Maiayne was already lost by the time guards found her with her husband's corpse. It was Eironah who ended her madness through death.

With Arannen's death, fear quickly spread throughout the Craftworld and its fleet. Without their wise leader, the path of salvation they sought was quickly lost and left many looking to Eironah for guidance. To his credit, the Autarch restored calm throughout their fleet before anymore lives were lost, but it was not enough to abstain their thoughts from hopelessness, believing themselves doomed to forever drift in space without purpose.

Ilyndrae, Arannen's only child, would find it again for them with the help of her loved ones.

It is truly unknown what happened to the Ishayr Craftworld after she and her two most beloved companions, Kaethyr and his half-sister Esther, left it in search of a prophecy Ilyndrae divined centuries ago. They travelled to many worlds, some believe even Terra itself, before their centuries long journey brought them to a world far beyond the ken of man and its many dreaded enemies-- especially Chaos itself. It is here where the Ishayr Craftworld now rests.

This is all that is currently known of its fate, although in time more may be revealed...

The symbol illustrated here is perhaps one of the only certain things the Eldar of other Craftworlds know of the Ishayr. It predates The Fall, originally being the mark of the Ishayr noble family that Arannen was born from. Since the Craftworld belonged to his bloodline before he inherited it, it is safe to assume this, although some believe the symbol extends beyond his family and was the mark travellers used to acknowledge his homeworld, given the nature of its design and its favouring of one of Isha's tears as the focal point. It has also been dwelled upon that the three circular marks do not in fact pay tribute to the Three Seers, Ilyndrae, Kaethyr and Esther, but the three moons that once orbited their homeworld. Of course, granted the nature of the Three Seers, many can argue that their great influence over the Ishayrian's history as a whole has replaced the original meaning of some of this symbol's details. Yet regardless of these findings, it is still used by Ishayr armies.


Annnd... if you managed to read all that, congratulations! You've just finished reading my longest ever lore entry for a DA description. ... sorry. x_x

Fun fact, though: if anyone is curious, I've already made a badge for this symbol in use for my Eldar armies in DoW2 - Retribution. =D

Artwork & Lore & Characters - © Kristopher P. Love // Eldar - © Warhammer 40,000
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Mcblak Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2013
Good Lore.
Aikurisu Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2013
Xhydralisk Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Your Eldar fan-works are very beautiful!
Aikurisu Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2012
Thanks mate! I enjoy your Eldar quotes, too. Where do you learn them?
Xhydralisk Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Mostly rulebooks.
human72 Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2011
Nice story man Nice story. Since the sightings of this craft-world have been recorded by the Imperium That means there will be a contract relateing to the Ishayr coming soon. One that the 52nd terra will be more then happy to oblige. If anything relating to the eldar That can help the Imperium in the reserch of the eldar and all of there craft worlds Then this will be the begining of a exlent time of exploration and reserch. When do we begin with this?
Aikurisu Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2011
lol, where do you get the idea that a contract relating to my Eldar would 'come soon'? Remember, it is mentioned that they are like wisps in the universe, therefore all the Imperium really has for knowledge on them are mere myths and not solid information to acknowledge their existence. Even the Eldar of other Craftworlds know little of their Ishayr kin, and this is to be expected, since the Ishayr are very wary of everyone and everything not of their current homeworld and the faraway unknown section of space it belongs to. So what you propose isn't really something that could happen. If anything, whenever you do hear of the Ishayr directly, it's along the lines of 'Don't call us, we'll call you'. =)
human72 Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2011
That was about the regament getting a contract to investagate the rommors and the myths relating to the Ishayr. If it could happen then the imperium will be on it. That mistrustfull of everyone they are? Even among other eldar? Thats sad then if you can't even trust your own kind. Due to this regaments activity and what not. the probablity of the Ishayr droping in on us is greater then any one else though slightlly higher then the rest but still we do have the tendacy of having xenos dropping in and staying witht the men for who knows how long. If anything I think the Ishayr would do the same thing. I think.
tigerfeiry Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2011
I love your stories, but I just noticed that your little lore pieces usually involve tragedy of some sort, lol. I'm a happy ending kinda girl myself, my real life has enough of the other bs in it.

I ADORE your little symbol artworks though, they are spiffy and pretty and and and....:squee:
Aikurisu Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2011
Hehe, thanks Kerrie. =)

And... I suppose you're right about most of my lore pieces involving tragedy, but I'm a firm believer that no one should live a life free from some sort of hardship. It builds character and imo makes their worlds more believable. Granted, though, this particular piece is set in the grimdark universe of 40k. People would have been giving me strange looks if it was all happy and stuff and everything went alright for my Eldar. That's just not the 40k way! XD

Gah, we need to chat somewhere. I want to tell you more. x_x
tigerfeiry Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2011

I would say I'll add your MSN to my yahoo, but its buggy. I've had one friend on there for 3 weeks that I never see log on even though they seem to know anytime I'm around O_o; I think its because I said EFF U to the new yahoo online archiving (my RPing online? I THINK NOT!!), and am holding version 10 steady till they revert that retarded decision, or until it completely breaks on me.
Aikurisu Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2011
lol, I can't even remember how many AIM versions have been out since I was using it everyday. (The last one was 'DeadAIM')

Anyhoo, some good news at least. I was able to recover my AIM name, so all I need is yours. =D
NeuralRaven Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2011
Nice to find a piece of writing that knows the touch of spelling and grammar. The badge, itself, is also wonderful - perfectly Eldar.
Aikurisu Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2011
Thank you. =D

lol, and I take too much pride in my writings to want to spoil it with poor grammar. I sometimes feel like I'm by an old fireplace, spinning a tale with a book in my hand to a small audience I'm trying to make feel welcome and comfortable.
isolanthe Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2012
My grammar skills are horrible. Is there any way you can show me how to improve my grammar? ^_^
Aikurisu Featured By Owner May 9, 2012
Well... there's no idea that currently springs to mind, I'll admit, but my normal advice would be to go with what sounds right and pay attention to line flow. I do that mostly all the time. =)
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