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November 9, 2012
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“Being away from the world’s woes for so long... one forgets they even exist and ever need to be challenged. And when you can share it with someone you would madly love till death lets you part... you count your blessings and pray things never change... never end.”
-- Anonymous

When Saul and Zuri were left stranded on an island long forgotten by the interests of man, fear dawned on them that there was no hope of escaping it with what little was theirs to possess. That fear began to dwindle in time, though, replaced with aspirations neither dreamed of having when fate originally brought the two together against an adversary their individual concerns for vengeance guided them to. Yet vengeance was a quiet casualty somewhere in the time the two learnt each other’s hearts as they forgot how the outside world once hurt them, once drove them to despair. They gave themselves to a better life by then, accepting their fates together as a blessing and before long knew passion few romances in the past ever spoke of so clearly...

Such was the life Saul and Zuri had. What once was a prison to them became a sanctuary, knowing pleasure unending under skies that grew so familiar to them for the years they claimed a forgotten island as their home, their domain. Their world.

And with that we have something from me a little more... risqué. Now, I know I’ve drawn intimate works in the past, but they were... yeah. I won’t bore you with anymore stupid details than that. Enjoy.

(I would release a larger version of this with all the little details better seen 'n' all... but surely people don't care for that, right? Of course not! Even if that might be taken as dyed in the wool sarcasm!)

Still, if you do like what you see here, here's a small taste of what I have written for them so far...

Seeds of Arcadia - I by Aikurisu Seeds of Arcadia - II by Aikurisu Seeds of Arcadia - III by Aikurisu Seeds of Arcadia - IV by Aikurisu

Zuri & Saul & Blah Blah Blah - © Kristopher P. Love // Skies of Arcadia - © SEGA/OVERWORKS
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In a way in they're in their own garden of Eden 
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This is a nice picture! WEll done!



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Beautiful work.

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somebody call an ambulance, he's drowning!;) really beautiful work
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Marvelously done!
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