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Oakheart Lore - Chapter III - by Aikurisu Oakheart Lore - Chapter III - by Aikurisu

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“We all have lost someone dear to us over this godsforsaken war with the Charr, oh fearless Oakheart. Mothers, fathers, siblings, cousins... and beloved pets. Even that fine nymph I once met at that fountain in Surmia...”

“Who politely pushed you into it when she was not even the least bit interested in your bedroom thoughts?”

“Ah, yes. I forget you were there. Good times... but then how was I supposed to know she was married?”

“You could have asked before swallowing a mouthful of water that had everyone laughing at your dismay.”

“Heh... well, to be sure, it was one of my finer moments. Perhaps I should have sung to her first?”

“Not all women fall weak in the knees at the sound of a bard trying to part their legs.”

“True. Reminds me of that time I tried courting your sister...”

“Not a word, Nate.”

“As you wish, milord. Still, even you thought it was funny when she refused me--”

“Despite the nine attempts before in trying to change her mind. I remember them all.”

“You were counting? By the Five, I thought some were done in secret with only her knowing.”

“And the twelfth time was enough for her to finally take pity on you by rewarding a kiss for determination.”

“Too bad it was only on my forehead, but then I shouldn’t have expected anything more from the lips of an angel...”

“Indeed... that she was.”

-- Nate & Kyreth

Well, with GW2 due out tomorrow for those of us who preordered it, I suppose this will be the last lore chapter from me for awhile...

...yeah, I figured no one would really notice me missing around here anyway, so good times ahead for all of us, right? Enjoy. =P

Artwork / Kyreth Oakheart, Lore, Etc - © Kristopher P. Love // Guild Wars - © ArenaNet
DameOdessaStock Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2012
I LOVE your story!
Aikurisu Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks. =)
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